Urban Food Stories


Urban Food Stories

Romania’s Expo Stand at the International Union of Architects World Congress, Durban 3-7 August 2014

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A project by

  • Alexandru Fleșeriu
  • Iulia Hurducaș
  • Eszter Péter

Image, sound, editing

Image, sound

  • Claudiu Moisescu
  • Mihaela Țânțaș
  • Vlad Marchidanu
  • freesfx.co.uk



  • Oana Bența

Many thanks to

The Ecoruralis Association

  • Ramona Duminicioiu
  • Szőcs-Boruss Miklós-Attila

The Hoștezeni Community

  • Gyurka Jutka
  • Gyurka László
  • Pásztor Gyöngyi

La Terenuri (At the Fields), Mănăștur, Cluj

  • Bogdan Buta
  • Silviu Medeșan
  • Laura Panait

The Pajura Gardens, Bucharest

  • Bogdan Iancu

The Peasant’s Box

  • Mihaela Bar
  • Ronen
  • Andreea Luncașu

Temporary markets

  • George Emanuel Micle
  • Eugen Pănescu
  • Monica Borsai

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All projects

Common space – community project

La Terenuri (At the Fields), Mănăștur, Cluj

La Terenuri is an area which has become an urban laboratory, where urban gardening meets multi-disciplinary events in the form of social and artistic interventions and creating a collective conscience regarding the possibility to use the public area in a free and creative way.


La Terenuri is an area at the edge of one of the largest socialist neighbourhoods in Romania; it is used very diversely: for spending free time and, partially, for urban agriculture. Its name is evocative with respect to its eclecticism as sports area, play ground, agricultural land and barren land. At first, it was used entirely for agricultural purposes; afterwards, the socialist regime set it up for leisure activities: sports area, play ground. However, the memory of the area remained true to its initial use, a food landscape in an urban setting. Currently, the land is being claimed by several persons, while its uncertain status allows its use for multiple purposes.

The Association Colectiv A was attracted to this place; they wish to “support collective urban practices and gardening practices” (Colectiv A). Their approach is inter-disciplinary, involving several connected areas: architecture, art, landscaping and anthropological analysis. There are several events organized within this project, in the form of “social and artistic interventions in public areas” (Colectiv A). The Association has also set up an urban garden which is looked after during the entire year, where they grow products obtained from traditional seeds.

The events are part of the European Landscape Choreography project, promoting cultural dialogue and production through a different, inter-disciplinary and creative use of the public space. This endeavour creates a collective conscience regarding the possibility to use the public area in a free and creative way.

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